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St Peters Historical Note:

St Peters is a suburb in the inner west of Sydney is located 7 kilometres south of Sydney’s CBD. St Peters was named by its association with St Peters Anglican Church, which was consecrated in 1838. St Peters is the third oldest Anglican church in Sydney and has been claimed to be the first church built in Australia using non-convict labour.

St Peters was described in the 1840s as one of the most fashionable and aristocratic suburbs of Sydney.

The railway station opened on the 15th October 1884 and the post office opened in October 1851.

 In the 1870s, St Peters was an important brickmaking centre with a large brickworks on the site now known as Sydney Park. The brickworks are well known in paleontology for the discovery of a full, intact skeleton of a Paracyclotosaurus davidi in 1910, a prehistoric amphibian, and the only known species to have lived in Australia.

St Peters is the home of the Town and Country Hotel, immortalised in song by Slim Dusty. The southern Cross Hotel is located on the corner of Princes Highway and Canal Road. It also boasts the Olympic rings, used to decorate Sydney during the 2000 Olympics, which now adorn the entrance to a recycling centre at St Peters.