Training & User Assistance

It is easy to feel technologically overwhelmed these days. If you were born in the past century, things are also probably starting to change a bit too fast, making IT a minefield. Add to that the cost of a lot of professional IT devices and software and, suddenly, you are in a quagmire of decisions you are not prepared to make.

Whatever your IT training needs are, whether you are needing to optimise your email, set up your new smart phone, connect your Apple TV or just need a refresher to help you get back into the workforce, Mobile Geeks’ technicians can offer personalised and team instruction.

Our Mobile Geeks’ are Sydney’s leading computer technicians, each with extensive industry experience, accreditations and hours spend training clients. All our new installation jobs include time for one on one training with clients. However, training can also be booked without the need to have us install your new equipment.