Virus Removal

Virus attacks, spyware and malware infections are a serious risk in the modern world. As soon as protections to threats are available, new threats are created. If even banks are not immune to this danger, no one can ever give a guarantee from infections. However, a lot can be done to minimise the risk and the potential damage.

Viruses and malware come in many different forms. Sometimes they are overall harmless but annoying pop ups. There are others that can execute a full-blown lockdown, take control of your data and demand ransom. In most cases, infections simply require a tune up and optimisation to find the culprit and remove it. In the case of ransomware, the solution may be more complicated and range from paying the ransom (if there is no valid data back-up) or wiping the machine clean and reloading the OS and the data from the backup system. Whatever the scenario may be, Mobile Geeks will take control of the crisis and get you back up as quickly as possible. Our services include: setting up and installation of anti-virus software, removing viruses and spyware, scheduling regular scans, checking your back up systems or setting them up.