Computer Networking

Computer networking is simply a way of connecting IT devices with each other for sharing data  and/or producing an action. Briefly, there are two types of computer networks: LAN and WAN – Local Area Network (home, office) and Wide Area Network (cities, world).

Networks can also differ in their design, topology, protocols, hardware and software. The level of complexity does not so much get determined by the number of devices but, by the purposes for which the network is created.

All networks are created by computer engineers and put together by professionals. The notable exception is the standard home network (modem, computer, printer) that is pre-designed to be put together by owners following instructions. If you desire anything more complicated, i.e., cloud connection, multiple smart devices, smart homes, automatic backups and syncing, you would be well advised to bring in Mobile Geeks. This will save you time and money in the long run and will ensure that the whole system is working without a glitch.

Mobile Geeks have been designing and installing computer networks for over a decade, have watched and participated in their evolution and are recognised experts in this field by Telstra and Google.