Computer network security is very important for home or business computer systems. There are a number of reasons why that is so including the importance of ensuring that your company’s hard earned and valuable reputation is not damaged by a security breach that causes a leak of your customer’s information. In fact, managing your company data is one of the most important conditions to grow your business.

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A recent example of a major security breach is Epsilson and their 2500 customer database of clients each of whom had hundreds of thousands of email contacts. The database got hacked into and the details of millions of clients are now available for use by spam operators across the globe.

Large, small, multinational and one-man-job companies are every day at risk of an attack from hackers in Australia and overseas. It only takes one security breach for a company’s reputation to be damaged and client’s confidential information to be accessed. In the best case scenario it will lead to tarnished reputation and embarrassing apologies. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to court cases on negligence and a whole gamut of other legally terrifying things.

If a company is educated about its network’s strengths and weaknesses, it can stay ahead of the game by gaining a better understanding of its risk exposure and developing effective methods to minimise that risk. Computer network security is vital to keeping hackers from accessing private files. Computer network security is also vital in preventing attackers from gaining full access to your system and being in the position to, send spam or, for example, shut down your till operations during the busiest trading time. Mobile Geeks has a client that had that happen to them. Needless to say, the problem was fixed as soon as Mobile Geeks computer networking experts got on the scene.

A basic visible code found on a computer network can be one of many access points that can  unlock the control of your network. Once access has been gained, hackers not only have access to sensitive stored information and use your computer for their purposes, but also make this appear legitimate and coming from you. This ability to camouflage their identity is a major liability for your business. You should protect this basic visible code, it is as important as product liability for a product company.

Internet security products assist businesses of all sizes address the three main network vulnerabilities that most computer systems are susceptible to: technological weakness, configuration weakness and security policy weakness.

Technology weaknesses are generally within network hardware equipment, operating systems and/or the TCP/IP protocol itself.

Configuration weaknesses typically arise from the un-utilised features of computer networking equipment not having been correctly disabled. However, they can also occur in settings as a result of improper configuration by administrators.

Security policy weaknesses come from either a lack of policies, weak policies or policies that are ignored by the users. The latter reason is not as rare as you may think. My advice, ask your computer service person what he/she thinks about user compliance with policies and listen to their opinion.

Mobile Geeks provide the set up and maintenance of secure computer networks for home of business purposes. Give us a call on 1300 883 021 for all your computer repairs needs.

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