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As a small business ourselves, we know that finding cost-effective and affordable IT support in Australia can be a hassle. With more than 98% of businesses in Australia falling into the category of small to medium (SME) sized businesses, there is an overwhelming demand for cost-effective managed IT services that deliver the essentials that you need, and nothing that you don’t – which is where we come in.

Our small business IT support services include everything from basic troubleshooting and repair, through to more complex network design and management. With the right technology and the right advice, IT support from Mobile Geeks can improve efficiency and allow small business owners to spend more time growing their business and less time worrying about logistics.

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Why Should I Choose Mobile Geeks?

Mobile Geeks is a cost-effective, scalable, outsourced IT support company working with small businesses in Australia to deliver great-value technical support solutions for businesses in a range of different industries.

Like you, we are one of the small to medium sized businesses that keeps that Australian economy ticking. We have been working with Aussie businesses for more than a decade and are proud to offer up-front, transparent services that can assist businesses of all shapes and sizes. We provide local, customisable support solutions that mean you’ll never be left in the lurch or waiting for an overseas support technician to call you back.

With Mobile Geeks, you won’t get a ‘off the shelf’ small business IT support services that include a range of products and services that you’ll never need. Instead, we’ll customise a solution that includes technical, software, security, troubleshooting support. Find out how we can help with a free consultation and IT support plan from our team.

Our Small Business IT Support Services

Our services are tailored towards the unique requirements of our small business clients. No two businesses are the same, which means that you shouldn’t be paying for services or support that you’ll never need. Following an initial consultation with the team, we will out together a customised IT support plan that includes everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Some of the most common services that we provide for small businesses include:

  • Network setup and maintenance
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Virus removal and prevention
  • Cloud services (Office 365, Google Workspace)
  • Cybersecurity and threat protection
  • Remote technical support and troubleshooting
  • On-site technical support and troubleshooting (where applicable)
  • Software installation and updates
  • Computer networking and wireless networking
  • Hardware repair and replacement
  • Email system setup and maintenance
  • VoIP phone setup and support
  • Technical advice and support
  • Technical training and assistance for your team
  • IT assessments and technology roadmaps

Problem solving is in our DNA, which is why we offer a ‘no fix, no fee’ guarantee. Our team can assess, diagnose, and install active prevention systems to ensure that your network, hardware, and software never let you down and your business can run smoothly.

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No Lock-In Contracts

No lock in, long term contracts mean that we are proving our value to your business each month. If you’re not happy with our support or no longer require our services, then you are free to leave.

Local Team, Local Support

Our local team mean that you won’t be stuck on the phone or in an endless online queue to get your systems running. We provide fast, friendly, same-day services that keep you up and running.

No Fix? No Fee!

If we can’t fix it, then you won’t pay – it’s that simple. Our no fix, no fee guarantee means that we will investigate the cause of your problem and work hard to find a solution – otherwise you don’t pay.

Cost-Effective Prices

Our managed IT prices are fair and cost-effective. Our customers work with us on an ongoing support basis which means that you can easily factor your IT support into your monthly budget.

$0 Call Out Fees

Need on-site support for computer repairs? Take advantage of our $0 call our fees! Our team of Geeks are fully mobile so we can be on the road and at your business in a matter of a few hours.

365 24/7 Support

24/7, 365-day support from Mobile Geeks mean that we will be by your side, finding solutions through thick and thin. Choose the managed IT services more companies rely on for year-round support.
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I had a problem with my laptop where it would occasionally just turn off for seemingly no reason. I spoke to a man on the phone and he was able to connect to my computer remotely and even talked me through some of the steps he was taking to improve my computer’s performance, he was very concise and knowledgeable. I’d recommend Mobile Geeks to anyone and will certainly be in contact with them again for any other issues as my computer has been operating much more reliably since then.

Stan HellierBondi, NSW

My computer was having a lot of trouble starting up and would often make really loud hissing noises when I was using it, so I called Mobile Geeks and they took over my computer remotely to look through what could be happening. After some time, they told me the computer just seemed to be quite old and there were big problems with it due to its age. They gave me some options for fixing it or replacing bits and I ended up deciding to just purchase a new computer, but Mobile Geeks didn’t even charge me, very honest and helpful.

Simon CrawfordHornsby, NSW

Thank you, Jon for looking after my mother. It was such a relief to have her computer sorted out without me having to take time off work. She says you also have wonderful manner.

Ruth ClearyCremorne Point, NSW

Called Mobile Geeks to our business, very impressed with the response time (was 8pm Monday). They helped removed computer virus's and general clean up on four computers. They also offered to login the following morning to see that the problem is still fixed as courtesy. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional approach.

Peter HansenCanberra, NSW


Small Business IT Support FAQs

Can you provide on-site IT support?

Managed IT services are a comprehensive approach to managing all of the informational technology (IT) processes and support for a business. Managed IT support services are based on the unique requirements of a business. Based on the number of desks that you have and the support that you require, our services can be catered towards what you need.

Some common IT functions that are covered within managed services include network security, hardware maintenance, software updates, cloud support, data backup, and data recovery – just to name a few.

Managed IT services are more than just a backup system, instead, the focus is on monitoring services to ensure IT systems are running optimally and any potential issues are spotted before they arise. Additionally, companies will receive ongoing guidance to help them make the right decisions about future IT investments and manage new technology integration as efficiently as possible.

At the crux of it, IT services management means that you are handing off your IT requirements to a team of IT experts that can handle them on your behalf. With comprehensive IT services, companies won’t need to worry about reliability and down-time, instead, they can focus on delivering the products or services that make them profitable.


Can you provide remote IT support?

Yes! We offer remote IT support for small businesses right across Australia. In almost all cases, we can provide a quick and efficient resolution for a myriad of technical issues without the need for our team to ever set foot in your office. Our team of techs can provide troubleshooting, software installation, network security and fixes, network setup and support, and a whole host of other services without needing to visit your office.

For hardware support and setup, we can also provide remote support and troubleshooting assistance.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT support simply refers to ongoing IT support provided for a fixed monthly fee. For most small businesses, managed IT services are the most cost-effective way to outsource your IT requirements to a third party.

Unlike large companies that may have an in-house team of IT experts, small businesses don’t have the same luxury. When you invest in managed IT support, your small business will receive access to a team of experts that can setup, manage, diagnose, and provide ongoing support for all of your IT requirements.

Managed IT services help small businesses to bundle their IT into a manageable and predictable monthly fee. Just like insurance for your business, managed IT support means that your business will have access to support when you need it most – without any unexpected fees.


Small business IT support near me vs. remote services – which is best?

When you work with Mobile Geeks, you’ll get all of the benefits of small business IT support near you, without the costs of an in-house team, or the hassle of an overseas team that works in a different time zone.

Mobile Geeks managed IT support combines the benefits of an in-house team without the costs and responsibilities of having a dedicated IT support person on your payroll. Because our entire team is located in Australia, you’ll be able to contact us during working hours or afterhours for a fast, immediate fix for any issues as the arise. Whether you need immediate assistance, or you just need a tech to walk you through an issue – our team can help.


How often do you update technology?

In a word – constantly.

Technology never stops moving, which means that the fastest way to get left behind is to stay in one place. We are staffed by passionate IT experts who live and breathe computers and tech. As a result, we’re constantly investing in new technology and looking out for ways that we can integrate new tech to help our clients run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


How do you handle data security for small businesses?

At Mobile Geeks, we put data security on a pedestal.

Sadly, the average SMB in Australia spends less than $500 per year on cyber security which is why 46% of all data breaches occur in small businesses and more than 76% of those start with a simple email. With more than 95% of these data security breaches attributed to human error, taking care of your cyber security needs to be handled by the professionals.

Some of the steps that we take to ensure security include:

  • Encryption
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Access control of data
  • Ongoing security audits
  • Basic security training for staff
  • Compliance with relevant data security protocols

We believe that prevention is always better than a cure, which is why we invest heavily in preventative measures to ensure that your network, software, and hardware systems are up to scratch.

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