Wireless Networking

If once upon a time having cables strewn over the office and hanging from printers and computers was the norm; today, it is not only a public liability and OHS issues but, a clear indication of outdated technology and limited business abilities. The wi-fi network, a way to connect IT devices without obvious use of cables, has become the standard. Equally, ways of managing wi-fi exposure in residential environments have firmly integrated into all reputable computer business operations. So, if you have not experienced the ease and benefits of a wireless home network, it might be time to take that leap.

A home wi-fi network is equally the norm for today’s residences is enables you to share an internet connection without losing speed or computer time. It connects printers, laptops, PCs, TV, games, etc. with no need for chasing walls to hide the unsightly technology and does so without speed, operability or other interruptions.

Call Mobile Geeks on 1300 883 021 and we will:

  • Set a network up
  • Install network share locations
  • Connect printers and media devices
  • Connect and optimise all other networkable devices
  • Install (at your request) a wi-fi switch allowing you power down all w-fi waves for your convenience
  • Design a network with minimal exposure for your family members