We provide email set up services for both residential and small business clients.

If you are a residential client, we can also provide you with no cost obligation free consultation enabling you to make an educated decision for your email system.

If more than one email account is needed for your family (in is the standard for business), multiple accounts can be set up for you and configured in your preferred ways. If you are like most people, you probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of old emails hanging around slowing your server and causing various issues. If you are adamant that all your old emails are important and cannot be deleted, we will be happy to set up an archiving system for you. This will keep your email experience fast and will still allow you easy access and search through your stored multitudes.

Whether you are home or business, we would be able to optimise your existing email system and user experience, set up a completely new system while carefully preserving and downloading all your emails and, train you on how to use all the new features to your full advantage.