The Microsoft Exchange Service provider is basically dependent on the specific client or on the server format. It essentially works hand in hand with MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express in order to get email services. However, it is not only for email processing but also co ordinates other work procedures like data organization, etc . Since email messaging is an integral part of most business activities today, any problem in the Email Exchange Server can drastically affect your business operations. It is therefore important to understand the basic principples of Email Exchange Server function.

To understand the basic layout of the Exchange Server and how it works it is important to consider the following:

  • The Outlook Express or simply Outlook connects with the Exchange and successfully delivers the message to the appropriate server.
  • Next, the Exchange Server looks out the relevant storage location in order to store the message.
  • The recipient is identified by the server.
  • Next, a connection is formed with the recipient’s associates and the message is delivered accordingly.

A point to remember is that many tools like the Information Store, System Attendant, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP, Active Directory or the directory service are in the process of making it possible to receive and send messages.   The Information Store is the actual location where the mailboxes of the user are located. Thus, any hitch in the Information Store can create problems in the mailboxes, making them inaccessible. A very important point to remember is that there are two files at the bottom of the information store. The priv.edb which stores the user’s mails and pub.edb. which saves the public folder. Even though the information store seldom corrupts it is still prone to damage due to power failure or sudden shutdown of PC and virus attacks.

Thus, it is important to invest in Exchange Recovery software to be safe from any loss of data as it uses the advance data recovery algorithms that help in instant recovery of data. However, you should never go in for pirated software, since it might cause more harm than good to your computer. You should only go in for original programs. They not only protect your computer, but also provide you with the option of querying the help desk of the manufacturer in case you face any problems with the software. In the long run this works out far cheaper than pirated programs.

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