Most email systems now are increasingly diverse, with end users across any one company sometimes using different versions and various email platforms – making maintenance management time-consuming and way more complicated than necessary. (This brings to mind a certain Administrator – a wonderful person – but very much overwhelmed with the ever temperamental email exchange in her office…that and her temperamental boss should surely been enough for her to get a holiday to Hawaii as a bonus from work…Yes, Mr X, if you are reading this, I am talking about your business :))

Computer repairs experts are forced to spend enormous amounts of time maintaining a non-strategic – albeit crucial – function while critical business objectives are set aside to meet the urgent email needs. And most of that time is spent because of the inefficiencies of the existing system, the different and unmanaged expectations of the uses and the insufficient understanding by the senior management what that system should deliver to make their business more effective.
In addition to the fun fun fun of keeping one running smoothly, despite the ingenious attempts by some users to (I have got to give credit to the inventiveness here!) undermine the system from within; system managers are constantly fending off attacks from new viruses and worms, and trying to beat back the influx of spam on already overloaded email inboxes.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 25 percent of Internet users have had their computer infected by a virus, most likely from an email message. They are coming fast and furious, and most companies are not as well prepared as they would like to think. Spam and virus filters are a good start to defending yourself, but they are not fail-proof and, unfortunately, still cannot beat a real human IT guy.

60 percent of the costs involved in maintaining a business email system are for personnel, so it makes sense for larger companies to consider outsourcing. All of the larger businesses serviced by Mobile Geeks are recommended to do so as outsourcing offers better stability, high security and a lot less headache. Outsourcing is when your email server is hosted by someone else offsite on a powerful machines and supported by experts on a 24/7 basis. It is like having your E-mail system in ER full time.

Those of you who have small to mid-range businesses will probably find the costs of having thsi service prohibitive, but that is not a reason to not sit down with your Geek for a serious chat to find out what can be done to optimise the existing system …or to build a new one to allow for business growth. Mobile Geeks are experts and managing, developing and installign small business email exchange systems and would be happy to chat to you about yours at any time. 1300 883 021 🙂

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