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We know that running a small, medium, or large business is hard work. Whether you’re a two-person operation, or you operate two floors of the Eureka Tower, Mobile Geeks offers 24/7 IT Support for Australian Businesses that grow with your business.

Our IT support services include email configuration, disaster recovery, network security, cloud computing, basic infrastructure management, data storage, and data backup. With Mobile Geeks, you can pick and choose which services you need and pay on a subscription basis that you can incorporate into your monthly business costs.

The beauty of outsourced IT support is that we can ramp up our support or step back as required. Unlike an in-house team of IT support personnel, you won’t need to pay us for holidays or support that you do not need – you’ll enjoy pay-as-you-go solutions that save you time and stress.

Experience Led Managed IT Services Melbourne

When it comes to choosing an IT support provider for your Melbourne business, there is no shortage of options on the market. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds (maybe thousands) of local companies all claiming to offer the best service at the lowest price.

The only problem with that is that 95% of these companies offshore their operations which means that you’ll be left on hold in an emergency. Imagine languishing for hours while your overseas IT provider is fast asleep.

With Mobile Geeks, you’ll partner with local IT support specialists that are available when you need them. Local service means that your problems can be solved in minutes, not days or weeks. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that you are never left in the lurch and that your Melbourne business is always functioning at 100%.

Our team is big enough to provide the right resources, software, and hardware that you need. But we’re also small enough to care about each and every client that we work with. With Mobile Geeks, you’ll experience big business resources, with small business service.

IT Support Melbourne

No Lock-In Contracts

No long term, lock-in contracts means that you call the shots. Our Geeks work on a month-to-month basis which means that you can effectively manage company finances and budgets.

Local team Of Geeks

No overseas call centres and no long wait times. Pick up the phone to speak with a local Geek that is ready to provide the IT Support Melbourne businesses rely on in times of need.

No fix, No fee guarantee

If we can’t find a solution, then you won’t pay for our time – it’s that simple. In the rare case that our team can’t find a solution, then we won’t leave you out of pocket for the time spent trying.

Cost-effective pricing

Our subscription pricing model means that you can factor your Melbourne IT Support costs into your monthly budget. Think of it as insurance for your businesses IT needs.

$0 call-out fees on computer repair

Take advantage of $0 call-out fees on computer repairs in Melbourne. Our Mobile Geeks will come to your home or business in a matter of hours for computer repairs.

24/7 - 365 support

24/7 – 365 IT support means that you’re never left in the lurch. Our year-round services ensure that you’ll always have a team of Geeks in your corner when you need them.
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I had a problem with my laptop where it would occasionally just turn off for seemingly no reason. I spoke to a man on the phone and he was able to connect to my computer remotely and even talked me through some of the steps he was taking to improve my computer’s performance, he was very concise and knowledgeable. I’d recommend Mobile Geeks to anyone and will certainly be in contact with them again for any other issues as my computer has been operating much more reliably since then.

Stan HellierBondi, NSW

My computer was having a lot of trouble starting up and would often make really loud hissing noises when I was using it, so I called Mobile Geeks and they took over my computer remotely to look through what could be happening. After some time, they told me the computer just seemed to be quite old and there were big problems with it due to its age. They gave me some options for fixing it or replacing bits and I ended up deciding to just purchase a new computer, but Mobile Geeks didn’t even charge me, very honest and helpful.

Simon CrawfordHornsby, NSW

Thank you, Jon for looking after my mother. It was such a relief to have her computer sorted out without me having to take time off work. She says you also have wonderful manner.

Ruth ClearyCremorne Point, NSW

Called Mobile Geeks to our business, very impressed with the response time (was 8pm Monday). They helped removed computer virus's and general clean up on four computers. They also offered to login the following morning to see that the problem is still fixed as courtesy. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional approach.

Peter HansenCanberra, NSW

5 Ways Managed IT Support Melbourne Can Help You Grow

IT Support Melbourne 2Increased Efficiency: In most cases, IT services are not part of your core competency as a business. As such, you are really faced with three options:

  1. Rely on that tech savvy member of your team to take care of things
  2. Hire an internal team to take care of IT support and tech
  3. Delegate to a specialist IT support provider

Sure, Dave from sales may be pretty handy with a laptop and not bad with getting Chrome installed on everyone’s browsers, but in most cases, businesses require more sophisticated solutions to keep the team connected and secure online.

Outsourcing your IT means that your internal team can focus on strategic tasks, rather than getting bogged down by your tech requirements. For growing businesses in Melbourne, outsourcing your IT support to a specialist, local team means that you’ll receive real-time support, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

IT Support Melbourne 2Proactive Support – Not Reactive Panic: When it comes to IT support in Melbourne, being proactive is always better than being reactive. By proactively managing your business IT systems, assessing vulnerabilities, and keeping software and hardware up to date, businesses can effectively mitigate costly, one-off service fees.

Proactive maintenance means that businesses save time, money, and experience less down time which can cause a costly and untimely disruption to your business. Additionally, working with a dedicated IT Support Company Melbourne like Mobile Geeks means that your business will be across the latest updates and be able to make the most of new technology that can make your business more efficient.

IT Support Melbourne 2Stay Up to Date with the Latest Tech: Just like your mobile phone plan which becomes out of date as data becomes cheaper and more readily available, you could be paying for add-ons or things that you don’t need. Our team of experts can provide a comprehensive report so that you can see where things can be improved.

IT Support Melbourne 2Scalable Solutions: As you grow or hit peak season, you may require a greater level of IT support to keep things running smoothly. Because all of our solutions are catered towards the unique requirements of our clients, we can scale with your business as you grow or hit peak demand.

IT Support Melbourne 2Improved Collaboration: If you’re amongst the 60% of SMEs in Australia that outsources your IT services to an external provider, it should come as no surprise that the last few years have only expedited the need for a reliable IT partner. With more team members working remotely and more businesses opting for a hybrid work setup, the demand for better systems and IT architecture continues to grow.

According to a recent report by the report by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australia’s IT services industry is in a state of rapid growth due to increased demand for cloud computing, data analytics, and cyber security increasing.

At Mobile Geeks, our team can bring your team closer together – from afar. We can provide custom IT solutions in Melbourne that connect your team around the country or globally to ensure that your new work set up is more efficient than ever.

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IT Support Melbourne FAQs – Answered

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services involve outsourcing your company’s IT support needs to an outside company (like Mobile Geeks) who take on the techy work that is required to keep your company’s tech humming along. The exact scope of IT Support offered will depend on your requirements and the scope of your business operations. Typically, this can be anything from network and system administration, right the way through to desktop support and help desk services.

Why should I outsource my IT Support?

Choosing to outsource your IT support will come down to the unique requirements of your business. Some of the reasons that companies choose to hire Mobile Geeks for IT Support Melbourne include:

Cost savings: outsourcing IT means that you can save on the costs associated with hiring, training, equipping, and maintaining an in-house team of IT support specialists. Turnkey IT support solutions mean that you don’t need to worry about taking on new team members or purchasing new hardware.

Improved efficiency: With Mobile Geeks, you have the flexibility to scale up or down your level of Melbourne IT support as you need it. No long-term contracts mean that you can use our services as and when required.

Improved business security: Protect your data and upgrade your security with a team of specialists that truly know what you need to be aware of.

Outsourcing your IT support to Mobile Geeks means that you can enjoy all of the benefits of an in-house team without all of the costs associated with hiring in-house.

How much do Managed IT services cost?

The cost of Managed IT services will depend on the level of support that you require. Depending on the size of your business and your IT needs, managed IT services can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand dollars per month. Of course, this is just a general guide and prices will depend on the specific services that you require and the level of support that is provided.

When it comes to IT support, you get what you pay for. Offshore IT services are cheap but leave your business vulnerable to outages and lapses in support when you need them most. Conversely, if you’re willing to invest a bit more in quality IT support Melbourne, then you can expect greater efficiency and productivity gains for your business.

What do I get with managed IT Support?

Our services are customised to your unique requirements. Following a quick consultation, we can create a tailored IT solution that ensures that you will only pay for what you need and nothing you don’t.

Some of the most common services that we provide include:

  • 24/7 – 365 systems monitoring to spot problems before they arise
  • Scheduled maintenance and updates to ensure your systems run smoothly
  • Proactive infrastructure management to actively diagnoses issues
  • Expert support from our team of Melbourne IT professionals
  • Network management and configuration
  • Email management and support
  • Cloud hosting and cloud management
  • Microsoft Office 365 suite management
  • Lost file recovery and management services
  • General troubleshooting and support
  • Phone support and help desk

 Our team of Mobile IT Geeks is equipped to handle repairs and trouble shoot remotely to effectively cut down on turnaround times and improve efficiency.

How do managed services differ from traditional Business IT support Melbourne?

IT Support has been around for as long as computers themselves. Ever since we’ve been on computers, people have relied on geeks or computer techs to troubleshoot issues as they arise. On the other hand, the concept of managed or outsourced IT support is relatively new.

There are a few notable differences between traditional IT and managed services. Perhaps one of the most obvious differences is that managed services are designed to proactively diagnose and prevent issues before they arise.

Traditionally, IT support has been a final frontier to troubleshoot problems when they get out of hand. Today, managed services are designed to diagnose these issues, but also improve operational efficiency. Proactive management and ongoing upgrades are designed to reduce downtime and keep your systems running as smoothly as possible from the outset.

Another important difference is that Managed services provide comprehensive support to all areas of your infrastructure – from software to hardware, and system maintenance.

Finally, managed support is offered on a monthly subscription basis as opposed to a ‘per incident’ basis. The best way to look at managed IT services Melbourne is that they are an insurance policy for your businesses IT systems.

Do you offer one-off project IT support in Melbourne?

Yes, our team is equipped to handle one-off services, network configuration, hardware upgrade implementation, and software rollouts as required.

In general, most of our customers work with us on an ongoing basis to manage all of their Melbourne IT support requirements. However, our customised approach to IT Support in Melbourne means that we can also help with Ad-hoc projects as required.

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