Computer Services & Maintenance

Just like regular car servicing, regular computer maintenance is important and can save you money, time and plenty of hassle in the long run. We can provide, install and maintain the latest anti-virus software, backup systems, server updates, software health-checks and updates to all our clients. This can be done on a call out basis where you, as a client, call us in to carry out all maintenance task that you consider necessary and that we may advise.

This approach works well for our residential clients and we are happy to assist you with that as well. However, if you are a business, we would highly recommend joining our Managed IT Service Plan and leave the job of maintaining your computer systems in good order to the experts. The plan comes with a set monthly fee based on the number of active computers and guarantees 24-hour maintenance of your essential systems whether you are awake, asleep or on a holiday. Call us on 1300 883 021 now to hear more about computer maintenance that we can do for you.