If you imagine that CPU (Microprocessor) is the ‘brain’ of your computer, then its motherboard is its ‘central nervous system’. When your computer repairs geek opens up your computer, take a peek inside and you will be able to identify your motherboard as the biggest circuit board in your computer. Just look for the bit everything connects to.

If you look even closer (just ask the computer repairs man to step aside for a bit), you will see that there are many slots for other devices, e.g. video cards, RAM, and sound cards. The CPU connects up to the motherboard and functions as a ‘mediator’ between the CPU and the rest of the components in your computer.

computer repair technician repairing hardware

If you ever need to replace your motherboard, instruct the computer repairs technician to make sure a reliable motherboard is installed. This is not the time to save; a sub-standard motherboard will make your computer slower and may be the start of other issues. Trust me, last thing you want is a motherboard that has overheated or stopped working, because this generally leads to lost data and a big computer repairs bill.

Motherboard costs are usually based on the type of chipset it has. My advice, ask for one that has a built in cooling component for the chipset if you are purchasing a higher chipset, because the faster ones tend to run hotter than their slower counterparts. Pay attention to the slots, cooling, and a good chipset, and you will have a good motherboard to add to your computer system!

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