Like all other machines, computers can also break down. Hardware related problems are very common for both old and new computers. However, there are some problems with computer hardware that can be resolved with some tweaks or clicks. The best case fans are usually built in a way to prevent most of these preventable issues. Noted below are 6 common hardware problems related to PCs and some possible solutions that you can try yourself without calling the computer service brigade .

Problem 1: PC does not recognize the USB Camera

This is a common problem with PC hardware today… Firstly, check the menu of the camera to make sure that its USB mode has been selected correctly. This is easy as it clearly states ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  It is also usually called the USB storage. Just switch this thing on before you plug in your camera. Most likely this is the solution to your problem.

 Problem 2: Rainbow Monitor

monitor lines

This is another common hardware problem and it is related to the VGA cable of the monitor. Check the VGA cable (look for the cable that attaches to the monitor and you have got your VGA cable) and ensure it is secured to the video card of the PC at the base. I think this will solve your problem. However, if you are still having no luck, then you can be pretty sure that your problem is in the integrity of your cable or in the video card and you may need to call a computer repair technician. If you do not know what a video card is, ignore all this fancy talk and just wiggle the plug with which the cable is connected to the monitor to make sure it is not lose and well secured.  If it is one of those with screws, check the alignment of the screws and pins. Try to remove the cable while the PC is off and reconnect it. Once you are happy with how it is fitted, turn the PC on.

 Problem 3: Jumping Mouse Pointer

If you are experiencing the ‘jumping mouse’ syndrome, you may want to check it for dirt or dust. If your kinds use your computer, you would be amazed what they can leave inside the keyboard and the mouse! We have found eyeshadow, bronzer, bread crumbs, party glitter, glue, etc If the mouse is track and ball type, turn that over and open the container. Blow out all the lint and debris. Additionally, clean off all dirt lining the rollers. In case of an optical mouse, clean dust collected around the optical sensor.

 Problem 4: Weaker Laptop Battery

Batteries have a limit too, and if it is creating a problem, you would need to replace it. However, you can first try to use other power options to increasing the lifespan of the battery. Double click on your battery icon located at the lower right hand corner, and choose your power saver mode from 3 options. You can also optimize the defined power plans by changing settings. This will help you to manage the usage of laptop power when the battery is plugged in.

Problem 5: Computer Cooler

Heat is a major culprit that causes all types of hardware problems in PC. The first problem is that the computer freezes and gets locked. An internal fan controls the temperature. Dust tends to accumulate on the fan that affects cooling. This needs to be cleaned regularly.

 Problem 6: Noisy PC

There are a number of reasons why your PC can be noisy. A loose case results in vibration that can lead to constant noise. An overburdened hard drive can also cause disturbances. If you are able to tighten the case of your computer, you will fix that problem. However, if it is the hard drive that is causing the raucous, you may need the professional assistance of computer service technicians, like Mobile Geeks.

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