Internet Security & Firewalls

A firewall essentially controls all network activity and ensures only you and your nominated people have access to the information in your IT systems. In other words, it is a part of a computer system that is programmed to block unauthorised access while permitting all authorised communications. Firewalls are ubiquitous and unless you are up to mischief, operate without you being aware of their existence. They can be implemented in either hardware or software or a combination of both.

These days, many broadband modems and routers come with in-built firewalls, so it’s quite likely that you may not be required to purchase any further software or hardware in order to make sure your data is safe. However, any such in-built firewalls still need to be configured by experienced professionals to effectively protect your computers and information. Failure to do so may cause your business money and downtime in the future.

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