Smart Home Automation

Gentlemen, imagine that you have the power to turn off appliances, lights, heating even the wi-fi from your phone and from ANYWHERE in the world. Enjoy that feeling for a moment. Now, in reality, your partner and kids will, no doubt, turn it all back in less time than it takes you to put your phone down. However, those smart brains of yours have already calculated the savings on electricity bills and the priceless peace of mind in knowing with complete certainty that everything that can set your house on fire or vacuum your savings has been safely turned off when your families are away.

Ladies, imagine not having to repeat ‘turn your lights out’, ‘turn your iPad off’, ‘don’t forget to turn off the air conditioner’, ‘have you turned the iron off?’ countless times. Oh bliss! Right?

With smart phone technology you can do that from your phone without putting down your glass of wine. You can now do it when it suits you, not when your sullen teenager decides to stop ignoring you. It is now his/her turn to howl in indignation and your turn to pretend not to hear. Enjoy.

In addition to the standard heating, lights, irrigation, appliance, etc. smart homes can also include security systems accessible from anywhere in the world. You can check in on your garden, see a recording of anyone approaching your front door, look in on those kids (hopefully not having a party) when you are away for a weekend with your partner.

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