Let’s face it, computers tend to be a sizeable investment for most hard working families. It can cost several thousands to purchase, then pay a computer repairs technician to import all your data and settings from the old computer to the new one, along with setting it up properly. It will then be used by the entire family (if you only have one) or by the family member for everything from emails to work to social networking. Computers these days really are a portal to the outside world and one that we would all prefer to stay open rather than shut due to a power surge….

Every year, thousands of electrical devices get destroyed by a lightning strike. Lightnings can cause power levels to surge unexpectedly and sharply, feeding many times the required power into your electrical devices like your screen, computer, speakers, printers and anything else plugged in. Sometimes you may get lucky and have only one thing blow or just the power supply blow in the computer… In other times you may not be so lucky and have the entire computer blow up!  Doesn’t sound pleasant does it, luckily you can help prevent this from happening with simple devices found at your electrical retailer.

Surge board: This device is simply a power board, but one that is designed to switch off electrical supply when the power board detects an abnormally high voltage travelling through it (caused by power surges/spikes). It is worthwhile to note that these power boards come in varying grades of quality with the cheaper units tending to not catch all surge spikes (especially the fast spikes). The pricier units are much better at doing this job and can come with an equipment warranty. This means that if a device does get damaged by a power spike/surge, while plugged into the power board, the manufacturer will reimburse you for the device destroyed. Mobile Geeks computer services recommends these types of power boards. for home use.

surge board

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): A UPS is a more advanced version of the power board in that it will detect power surge/spikes and prevent them from damaging your devices, but will also protect against voltage sag/loss of power by kicking into power supply mode when you have a blackout, allowing you time to shut down computers and servers properly. The UPS’ will generally be much larger and heavier in size compared to the surge boards as they contain a circuit board inside along with a sizeable battery to provide power when voltage sag/dropout occurs. Some of these units also ship with software for your computer, allowing you to set automatic shutdowns in the case of a power dropout – a very handy feature for servers. Mobile Geeks Computer Services recommend this device for office computer networks.

Tip: These devices can generally be purchased at any electrical retailer. However, all our computer repair technicians have a stock of surge boards with them when they travel to a job. They will be happy to set one up for you.

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