Computer repairs is not just about fixing what is broken but, improving the operation of what is not. With the  new legal disclosure clauses, and the need to cross reference past emails, a lot of businesses are storing emails and have in some cases, almost stopped deleting them. Although this is great for disclosure and what my former boss referred to as ‘CYAF’ (Cover Your A… Filing), it can also lead to system overload.  Email stores in Outlook are normally sufficiently large but, within reason. And when reason is breached us, computer repairs geeks, see disastrous results. This is where backup comes in. Quality and reliable backup for Outlook is available for Exchange connected systems, however, standalone computers have to well, stand alone.  Backing up the PST (email database) is a duplication of the shell store, if the shell is corrupted the backup is risky.

Mailstore Server back up edition is an excellent German product that can come in handy in these cases. It presents a great solution for individuals and home offices because, it backs up Outlook emails as an individual database that is independent t of the PST shell. It is also searchable outside of Outlook.

mailstore server

While the Mailstore Server edition can be utilised for non Exchange situations, there is unfortunately, a minimum purchase of five user licences which do not come cheap. Whilst, the Mailstore Home edition offers the same backup facility, reliability, and is , are you ready for this? completely free. The only downside is that the free edition (Home edition) requires manual backup. This means that the onus of protecting your data is on you. In our computer repairs experience, manual backup often fails due to human error. That is humans forget to turn it on. Reminders help. So do regular phone calls from your computer repairs guys, however, please do not expect them to take responsibility for the process to be completed successfully. After all, reminding to do it is not quite like doing it yourself.

The point here is that if it is manual it will fail and that makes the cost of Mailstore Server a worthwhile investment. It should not sent you back by more than $300 plus installation. In a number of cases dependent on your office configuration, it can even be cheaper.

Of course, there is always Google Apps that will set you back by more but deliver much better and longer term results. Please look through our blogs collection to find more information on Google Apps install by Mobile Geeks (Google Authorised Dealer) or just give us a call on 1300883 021. My computer repairs salute to you all and a happy Tuesday.

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