A typical home/small office computer will have, on average, four peripherals (computer repairs speak) attached to the computer itself. These are: keyboard, mouse, monitor (sometimes referred to as screen) and lastly a printer.

Keyboard: Most modern computers will use a keyboard that will have one of either connection (plug) found in most modern computers. The more popular plug is the USB plug with the older format PS2 plug trailing behind. A USB keyboard can simply be plugged into any working USB port of the computer. A PS2 keyboard, however, will need to be connected to a PS2 port on the back of the computer (Please note that not all modern computers will have a PS2 port). The PS2 port and plug can only mate in one direction as there are four pins that need to go into their respective holes and must be done when the computer is OFF (Yes, unless you want to be a very hurt computer repairs geek in training, you will turn off your computer. Thank you). The PS2 port on the computer will be green coloured and round.

Mouse: As with the keyboard, most modern devices will have either a USB or PS2 connection. For the USB mouse, it can simply be plugged into any USB port with the computer on or off. With the PS2 mouse, it must be plugged in when the computer is OFF and goes into the round plastic coloured port on the back of the computer (Please note that not all computers will have a PS2 connection).

Monitor: Most modern monitors use either a VGA or DVI connection. You will need to ensure the computer and  monitor have a matching set of connectors, whether it be DVI or VGA. DVI connectors are white in colour on both the monitor and computer. VGA connectors are blue in colour on both monitor and computer. Both these plugs can only attach one way, just like the PS2 plugs. If this makes no sense to you at all, just call one of the computer repairs geeks you can find on Google with a click of a button. Whatever it is that has a monitor will be set up and ready to go in no time.

Printer: Almost all modern small printers will be USB connected and can be connected to any USB port. They will also require a connection to main power and the manufacturer will always supply the necessary power adapter for that purpose. A quick start guide will be included by the manufacturer and this will show how to operate the paper feed tray, where the paper sits and where to install the printer cartridges/drums required to print.

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