Hello everyone and welcome to computer repairs Wednesday! Wow have things changed in the past few months in Mobile Geeks’ and the technical world.

While we have kept our one off call out home and residential support, we have also added annual maintenance service for businesses and non-for profits and set up a new Google Apps and Microsoft 365 technical support service. So our computer repairs skills are their in a variety of ways 🙂


Virus removals are now a whole new game for us. Firstly, the game players have changed and as I said before about Chrome…good browser. However,  it is now also  the #1 browser and that means it is under attack. In our virus removal checklist, browser extensions and add-ons are the very first thing computer repairs geeks check to find out what they are dealing with. Chrome, in my opinion, has the most bugs and junk when we remote in and check clients’ browsers.

How do the add-on’s and plug-ins get into your computer? 

This is easy and happens without you knowing about it. All you need to do is surf the internet and these Plug-Ins and Add-Ons just install themselves. Or maybe you clicked on an “allow” button, because you assumed you needed it. Either way, most people do not just add them.

What do they do?

They are there because supposedly they help your internet run better, your games play better or your pictures load faster. We have seen literally dozens of different Ins and Ons …it can get insane.

Are they always for real or are they useful?

Honestly…..no and not really.  We have seen them act as one program, but be really spyware. This is especially true about  “Google” add-on’s. Hackers are not silly and know you probably will not delete a program with the name Google in it, but that is where the spyware is hiding out. Are they useful now? No, your internet should not change if you do not use them at all.

Can you tell if you have bad add-on’s and plug-ins?

Chrome: Here are some screenshots to help you see what I am talking about and you can disable or delete them. If after you do, you are still redirected, then call us and we can help with removing the search settings as you probably have a virus at that point. 1300 883 021 or info@mobilegeeks.com.au

chrome extensions spyware

If you are a Chrome user and are seeing issues such as redirection, find the settings area and delete all extensions and reset the settings.

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