If you are a bit of a computer expert, you already know about computer repairs disk cleanup. However, if you are looking to learn, these computer service tips are simple, and do not require a lot of computer experience. So, soon enough, you will be able to perform the task like a pro!

Disk Cleanup

To extend the life of your computer, you should make computer service a habit, and disk cleanup is one of the essentials of good computer service.  Whenever you browse the internet, open attachments, delete files, etc your computer stores a record of your activity. Most of these stored records are harmless and miniscule. However if you are a heavy computer user, before long, there will be enough of them occupying enough space to slow your computer down.

Disk Cleanup is a Windows tool that removes unused and unwanted files cluttering you computer. Think of it as computer spring cleaning, but do it more regularly than once a year 🙂

To perform a disc cleanup, you should click on the Start button, then select Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disc Cleanup.

Once you get there, a small box will pop up. It will ask you to select the files to delete. Please remember, that most files that will be offered to you by the computer are OK to delete. However, if you are not sure about some of them, it is best to not select that file. After you have made your decisions, click OK and the unused files will be removed.

If you have had your computer for a year and have never done a computer service disk cleanup before, now would be a good time to get started. There will be a lot for you to delete as your computer is probably choked with unused files, especially if you had to convert pdf to html and stored both of them to be on the safe side. After that initial clean up you can decide on your disk clean up schedule depending on how frequently you use your computer. Once every few weeks would be ideal.

There you go! Now you know all there is to know. For more tips on how to carry out computer service tasks DIY check out or blog for more articles.

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