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St Clair

St Clair Historical Note:

St Clair is a suburb of Sydney located 49 kilometres west of Sydney’s CBD. Traditionally, the indigenous Dharug people inhabited the area. By the year 1816 however, the Dharug people had been decimated by clashes with settlers and by contracting diseases brought to the area by Europeans.

 St Clair is within view of the Blue Mountains and takes its name from a residential housing development established in 1970. The name “St Clair” has no historical links with the area, but was given by the Latex Finance Company. The Land Commission of New South Wales acquired the land after a bankruptcy declaration and extended the area to create a large suburb. The Geographical Names Board of New South Wales eventually made the decision in late 1981 to divide the area into two separate suburbs named St Clair and Erskine Park. Its population has soared since 1981 and is now a well-established suburb with modern facilities and considerable parklands provide open space for recreational activities and St Clair is renowned for having a family oriented atmosphere.