All Mobile Geeks IT consultants are equipped with many years of industry knowledge as well as proper training and their references are generally cross verified on their previous bosses in our city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians and most of Head Office staff that program weekly call outs are actually Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This means whenever you get our computer repair services you shall not have to be undergo unwanted waiting times mainly because somebody was not sure the exact neighborhood of your suburb and closeness to other areas and won’t be compelled to spend some time on the mobile phone making clear your location. Furthermore, you will not have to fritter away your valuable time waiting around for the Geeks to decide how to find your office or family home and locations to park the Geek mobile. Our lads understand their work plus recognize how to get to you in the most effective manner. We are able to support you with any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether cord less network installation, e mail Server set-up , Computer virus Elimination, Firewall software installing, Internet Home security or back-up and recovery solutions, Mobile Geeks can really make IT easy. Our well trained computer repair technicians have successfully tackled the majority of IT issues before and will definitely improve your internet connection, set up your home office, get rid of the virus and locate your erased data promptly, expertly and, normally ,, without any separating you and your laptop or computer.

Roselands Historical Note:

Roselands is located 16 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Canterbury and is a suburb in the South Western Sydney region.

The original inhabitants of this area were Aboriginal who spoke the Darug language; they called themselves Kuri or Koori. In 1810 land grants in this area were given out by the government.

The area was originally considered a part of neighbouring Punchbowl and still shares the same postcode 2196. The suburb takes its name from a large plant nursery that was in the area. Later a golf course was built with the same name, but it was taken over for the building of a shopping centre. Roselands Shopping Centre was one of the first fully enclosed Shopping centres in Australia – opening in 1965. It had a single movie cinema, indoor tennis court, and indoor rainwater water fall and the first food court in Australia