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Rockdale Historical Note:

Rockdale is located 13 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district; it is the administrative centre for the local government area of the City of Rockdale. Rockdale is a southern Sydney suburb in the St George area.

Rockdale was known by many names over the years including Frog Hollow, White Gum Flat and West Botany. The Municipality of West Botany was declared in 1872 and had 2 wards, West Botany and Arncliffe. Council Chambers were built on Rocky Point Road, Arncliffe in 1872 and remained in use until 1888 when a new chamber was built on the site of the present Rockdale Town Hall. It was demolished and then rebuilt after World war Two.

The name Rockdale was suggested by pioneer, postmistress and tollgate keeper Mary Anne Geeves and in 1887 it was officially adopted. In 1884 the railway was opened leading to residential development in the area. Until 1949 an electric tramway operated between Rockdale Station and Brighton-Le-Sands.