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Rhodes Historical Note:

Rhodes is located 16 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Canada Bay. This inner western Sydney suburb was once part of Concord Municipality until a merger with Drummoyne Council to form Canada Bay.

Rhodes is on a peninsula between Homebush Bay and Bray Bay, on the southern side of the Parramatta River.

Rhodes has been named after the home of early resident Thomas Walker. Walker had named his property, which was on the north side of the peninsula, Rhodes after his Grandmother’s home – Rhodes Hall in Leeds England. In 1919 the house was demolished when the land was purchased by the John Darling Flour Mills, later owned by Allied Feeds Limited.

The area was very much taken over by industry in 1911 a foundry was established. In 1935 the site was taken over by CSR until the mid 1980’s the area was home to chemical manufacturing.