All the Mobile Geeks IT technicians have many years of industry expertise and training courses and their recommendations are generally cross verified to their previous business employers in our town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians along with pretty much all Head Office working team that coordinate regular assignments are Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This is the reason why every time you select our computer repair services you’ll not end up being put through pointless waiting times mainly because someone was not sure the specific area of your suburb as well as the distance to other points and won’t need to waste time on the mobile making clear your home address. What’s more, you will not have to fritter away your precious time waiting for your Geeks to see how to locate your workplace or residence and where they can park their Geek mobile. The people understand their jobs and know how to get to you by the most efficient manner. We are able to offer you all of the Computer Repairs needs. Whether it’s wifi network setup, e mail Server set up , Pc virus Extraction, Firewall program system, Internet Security measures or back-up and recovery care, Mobile Geeks will make IT easy. Our specialist computer repair technicians have remedied most IT challenges before and we will treat your internet connection, set up your home office, remove the virus and find your damaged or lost data without delay, expertly and, in most cases, with no separating you and your personal pc.

Regents Park Historical Note:

Regents Park is located 22 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of Auburn Council and is part of the western Sydney area.

The suburb has been named after a local property that had been named Regents Park in 1879. The property was owned by Mr Peck and Mr Johnson who named it after Regents Park in the north west of London in the United Kingdom

The area was part of a land grant given to Joseph Potts. In 1880 the first subdivision was made. In 1899 the suburbs first school opened, it was named Potts Hill School. In 1907 the name changed to Sefton Park School when the area became known as Sefton Park. The school’s name was changed again in 1929 this time to Regents Park School. In 1914 the railway station opened as regents Park, but the site was changed in 1924 when the line connected Bankstown and Lidcombe.