Every one of the Mobile Geeks IT professionals come preloaded with a lot of industry experience and training courses and their qualifications are often cross checked using their ex- employers in our town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians and all of Head Office crew that program regular duties actually are Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This means that any time you select our computer repair services you shall not have to be come across useless waiting times simply because somebody else did not know the precise location of your suburb as well as its distance to some other areas and won’t have a need to spend some time on the smartphone making clear your address. Likewise, you will not have to use your spare time waiting for the Geeks to decide how to locate your office or residence and where to park the Geek mobile. All of the people do understand their responsibilities and they also recognize how to reach you by the best manner. We’ll offer you all of the Computer Repairs needs. Whether it is cordless network unit installation, e mail Server setup , Virus Removal, Firewall program set up, Internet Home security or back-up and recovery assistance, Mobile Geeks make IT easy. Each of our experienced computer repair technicians have sorted out nearly all IT challenges before and will also sort out your online link, arrange your home office, eliminate the virus and find your erased records fast, professionally and, in general, with no separating you and your computer.

Putney Historical Note:

Putney is located 12 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Ryde.

The suburb takes its name from its namesake on the River Thames in London – Putney. The Parramatta River had been known as the *Thames of the Antipodes* and other nearby locations were also named after Thames localities – Henley, Greenwich and Woolwich.

The areas of Ryde and Putney were once known as *Kissing Point*

In 1896 a punt service was established crossing the Parramatta River between Mortlake Point and Putney Point. The service was driven by hand until a cable ferry opened in 1928 – this service was officially called the Mortlake Ferry and is the last surviving punt service in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Putney has a public School, Post office, sporting fields and parks, a few restaurants and a shopping centre. St Chad’s Anglican Church on Delange Road was founded in 1912.