Every one of Mobile Geeks IT technicians are preloaded with several years of industry knowledge and education and their credentials are typically cross checked in relation to their ex – employers from this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians and just about all Home Office workers that organize working day jobs actually are Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This is why if you request our computer repair services you will not be undergo unnecessary waiting times simply because an employee didn’t know the actual positioning of Pitt Town as well as nearness to some other neighborhoods and will not be obliged to spend some time on the phone call making clear your location. Besides, you’ll not need to use your your time waiting around for the Geeks to work out how to find your workplace or and the best place to park the Geek mobile. All of the guys understand their responsibilities and can travel to you in the most efficient manner. We can help you with any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether it be cord-less network fitting, mail Hosting server set-up , Malware Removal, Firewall program installing, Internet Security and safety or back-up and recovery solutions, Mobile Geeks will certainly make IT easy. All of our competent computer repair technicians have successfully tackled nearly all IT challenges before and will take care of your web link, build your home office, remove the virus and find your damaged or lost info quickly, expertly and, in many instances, with no need of separating you and your computer.

Pitt Town Historical Note:

Pitt Town is located 59 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Hawkesbury.

Pitt Town is an historical town, named after William Pitt the Elder an 18th century British Prime Minister.  It is one of the five *Macquarie Towns* established in 1810 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie. In 1811 a site was laid out for the village but it developed very slowly, with only 36 houses in the area by 1841. The town was set too far back from the rich river flats and was not suitable for farmers and their holdings.

There are still many heritage buildings in Pitt Town, in excellent condition – The former Maid of Australia Inn which operated between the 1850’s to the 1890’s. St James Anglican Church that was built in 1857-58. Scots Presbyterian Church which was built in 1862. Along Bathurst Street there are very old slab cottages and outbuildings.