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Oatley Historical Note:

Oatley is located 21 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district; it is part of the local government area of both the City of Hurstville and the Municipality of Kogarah. Oatley is in the St George area.

Oatley was named after James Oatley Senior who was a watch maker, transported to Sydney for life in 1814. Granted a conditional pardon by Governor Lachlan Macquarie seven years later in 1821. James was appointed overseer of the Town Clock having installed the clock at Hyde Park Barracks.

The district was given the official name of Oatley in 1903 when the post office opened. Prior to this the area west of the railway line was simply known as Hurstville.

Oatley is well known for being the terminus for the railway electrification project in Sydney. In 1926 it reached this station all the way from Sydney – Central Railway Station.

Oatley’s neighbouring suburbs include Mortdale, Peakhurst Heights, Penshurst, Hurstville Grove and Connells Point.