All of Mobile Geeks IT experts have years of industry expertise and education and their references are usually cross checked in relation to their ex – business employers within this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians as well as all of the Head Office workers that organize everyday placements are actually Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This ensures that each time you order our computer repair services you shall not be put through unnecessary waiting times because somebody was not sure of the specific positioning of Northwood, as well as nearness to some other places; and will not require to spend some time on the call making clear your residence address. Likewise, you simply will not need to spend your time watching for the Geeks to see where to find your office or residence and locations to park the Geek mobile.

All of our lads fully understand their responsibilities and they recognize how to find you in the most effective manner. We’re able to give you all of the Computer Repairs needs. Whether wire free network unit installation, e-mail Server set-up , Computer virus Removals, Firewall software fitting, Internet Security measures or back-up and recovery service, Mobile Geeks will make IT easy! Our knowledgeable computer repair technicians have managed more or less all IT challenges before and shall mend your internet link, set up your home office, get rid of the virus and locate your lost records promptly, expertly and, most of the time, with out separating you and your personal computer.

Northwood Historical Note:

Northwood is located 8 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the Municipality of Lane Cove. This lower north shore suburb sits on the northern side of the lane cove river between Gore Creek and Woodford Bay.

Northwood has been named after Northwood House which was built in1878 for Mrs Jane Davey. The name was chosen as a descriptive location it was in the north of a woodland area. She also had a ferry wharf built – at her own expense – so her family could travel into Sydney by ferry.

The nearest railway station is located at St Leonards, though buses run frequently through the suburb. There are still ferry services running from Northwood Ferry Wharf.

The suburb is full of free standing houses.

The suburbs surrounding Northwood include Lane Cove, Longueville, Osborne Park, Woolwich, Gore Hill and Greenwich