Very much like cars, laptops or computers truly are a an element of life and if they function like they are expected to, most of us take it for granted… Then again, the same as motor vehicles, computing devices may break-down when you least expect and when you can least afford for this to happen.

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Narellan Vale Historical Note:

Narellan Vale is located 60 kilometres from the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of Camden Council and is part of the Macarthur region.

The area was once home to the Tharawal people who were based in the Illawarra region, although the Gandangara people were also known to inhabit the Camden area. Relations with the early inhabitants were good until the settlers began clearing and fencing off the land. As this interfered with their ability to hunt food, it lead to skirmishes between the Tharawal people and the farmers. After a number of Tharawal were killed they retreated from contact with the settlers.

John Macarthur was granted 2,000 acres in 1805; the wool pioneer cleared his land and used it for farming. It was used for farming for the next 200 years, till the Sydney population growth meant new areas had to be opened up, Suburbs like Narellan Vale were opened for housing.