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Leumeah Historical Note:

Leumeah is located 52 kilometres from the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Campbelltown and is a part of the Macarthur region.

Leumeah has been named to recognise both the Tharawal people who originally lived in the area and that of early settler John Warby who had called his farm Leumeah.  The word Leumeah comes from the Tharawal language and means *Here I rest*

John Warby was a convict transported to Sydney in 1792. In 1802 he was assigned the job of protecting cattle that were roaming free in the Cowpastures area. He befriended some of the Tharawal people learning some of their language. He was granted 260 acres in 1816 at what is now Leumeah where he built his house, stables and barn. The barn is still standing and is part of the Colonial Motor Inn.

A railway station was built in the area in 1887