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Kingsgrove Historical Note:

Kingsgrove is a suburb in southern Sydney located 13 kilometres south of Sydney’s CBD.

Governor Philip King granted 500 acres (2 km²) in 1804 to Hannah Laycock (1758-1831), the wife of Quartermaster Thomas Laycock (1756-1809). She named the farm King’s Grove in Governor King’s honour. This was later simplified to Kingsgrove.

Kingsgrove Road runs from Stoney Creek Road in the south to Canterbury Road in the north. Kingsgrove Road also has entrance and exit ramps for the M5 Motorway, with access towards Sydney Airport and Sydney CBD. Moorefields Road and William Street are other main roads in the suburb.

Kingsgrove railway station is on the East Hills line of the City Rail network. State Transit Authority buses also service the suburb.