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Kilarney Heights HIstorical Note:

Killarney Heights is a suburb of northern Sydney located 15 kilometres north-east of Sydney’s CBD. Killarney Heights has panoramic views of Middle Harbour from a few locations.

The suburb was originally part of Forestville and the area was developed from the 1950s as South Forestville and Heidelberg. In the early part of the 20th century, a picnic ground was developed around the edges of Middle Harbour, on the site where Mosman Rowing Club now stands. Boats would arrive for gatherings, carrying elegantly attired men in red and white striped jackets, pressed white pants and the requisite straw boater hat. Women were often dressed in accompanying white muslin frocks.

The picnic grounds were given the name ‘Killarney’ after Killarney in Ireland. The suburb later gained its name from this such picnic area. Each street in the development has an Irish placename.