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Guildford Historical Note:

Guildford is located 25 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district, it is in the local government area of both the City of Holroyd and the City of Parramatta, and it is part of the Greater Western Sydney region

Guilford was named in honour of the Earl of Guildford in 1837

The Bidjigal clan lived in the area we now know as Guildford, with the Dharug people living in small groups all over the Cumberland Plain, including the area that is now Woodville Ward.

In 1817 Lieutenant Samuel North was granted 640 acres in the area, naming his property Guildford after the Earl of Guildford with whom he had ties. A small village began developing in the area near Woodville Road and by 1870 there was a school with a church following in the 1880’s.The railway station opened in 1876 with a new settlement developing here, the former settlement became known as old Guildford