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Galston Historical Note:

Galston is located 36 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the Hornsby Shire and is part of the North Shore region.

Galston was originally known as Upper Dural until 1886 when early settler Alex Hutchinson suggested that the new School be named Galston, after the Town of Galston in East Ayrshire in Scotland

The former home of one of the areas original orchard growers – Waddell Cottage is next to Galston High School. Fagan Park has been named after an early farming family, Bruce Fagan who was the last descendant of the original settlers specified in his will the land be given to Hornsby Shire Council and developed into parkland.  Netherby Cottage – the original homestead has been converted into a museum.

The area is still rural with many orchards and other farms; there are many garden and plant nurseries in the area as well as the Galston Village Shopping centre