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Dangar Island Historical Note:

Dangar Island is a small island in the Hawksbury River, just north of Sydney. It has a population of 250 and is serviced by the Dangar Island Ferry that runs from Brooklyn taking about 10 minutes. The ferry runs 7 days a weeks and is adjacent to the Hawkesbury River railway station.

For thousands of years the island has been known to the local Guringai Aboriginies, with Governor Arthur Phillip the first European to explore the area in 1788. He named it Mullet Island after the fish he found in the area. At first the local people were friendly towards him, but when he came back the following year they wouldn’t make contact.

In 1864 the island was purchased and named by Henry Carey Dangar the son of Henry Dangar a parliamentarian, surveyor and pastoralist. The island was leased to the union Bridge Company of Chicago for the construction of the Hawkesbury River Rail Bridge between 1886-1889