In case you’re experiencing the following or perhaps matching complaints:

  • memory loss or poor memory remaining
  • bad processing speed
  • inability or damaged capacity to communicate
  • virus infection or any other foreign object related concerns

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Crows Nest Historical Note:

Crows Nest is located 5 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district. Crows Nest was once part of a 524-acre land grant given to Edward Wollstonecraft in 1821. Edward Wollstonecraft built a cottage, which he called the ‘Crow’s Nest’ and, according to his business partner Alexander Berry, chose the name “on account of its elevated and commanding position”.Crows Nest is a large commercial district and is noted for its variety of shops and restaurants. It is located on the junction of five main roads about 1 kilometre north by northwest of the original site of Crows Nest House