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Mobile Geeks is Sydney’s leading computer repairer in Bankstown. We bring our geeks to you, offering you onsite computer repairs and IT managed support services to your office or home in Bankstown. Our Bankstown computer troubleshooters can help you update your antivirus, audit your SME IT systems, fix your mapped network drive access on your laptop and just about everything else computer and IT related. We can assist with all of your computer repair needs efficiently, confidently and with good attitude.

Computer repairs and IT managed services Mobile Geeks provides include:


Mobile Geeks deliver on-site experienced, guaranteed and helpful computer repairs to Bankstown seven days a week.

Give our Geeks a buzz on 1300 883 021 to see how we can help you.

Bankstown Historical Note:

Located 20 kilometers south west of the Sydney Central Business District is Bankstown, it falls within the local government area of The City of Bankstown.

The Church Of England School was first opened in 1862 and commissioned as a public school in 1867. In 1880 Bankstown’s first public school was built where McLeod Reserve is now situated and was named after the school’s first headmaster Dugald McLeod who taught at the school until 1912

In 1882 there were 36 girls and 49 boys enrolled and the upkeep of the school totaled 219 pounds, eight shillings and 11 pence. The school was demolished in 1924 to make way for the development of North Bankstown School in the same year.

Bankstown was named in honor of Sir Joseph Banks a botanist who travelled to Australia with Captain James Cook in 1770. The area was discovered during an expedition along the Georges River by George Bass and Matthew Flinders