Computer Repairs Ashbury

In the modern world, we are certainly so dependent on technology that whenever your personal computer is suffering from a glitch your life suffers one too. When your computer or laptop will not perform to its top effectiveness and even worse, all together goes down and you are no longer able to post mail messages, see the web or maybe practice your business or your job – It’s time to contact computer repair consultants. Mobile Geeks are able to competently care for most your computer repairs needs properly, successfully and with very good attitude. Within our business enterprise, that maxime of ‘The Buyer is Always Right’ is certainly alive and well. All of our computer repair experts are regularly assessed not just in their business competency and experience but additionally on their client care capabilities.

Mobile Geeks is a proud Sydney business enterprise that’s been responding to the computer repair needs of this capital city for a number of years. In the past, we have given numerous computer repairs and maintenance services in Ashbury including infection removals, computer data back-up as well as retrieval, software program installation and electronic mail set up to wireless system, Voice over internet protocol as well as terminal web server programming.

We are dedicated to the Ashbury business and personal clients and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks are offering on location competent, assured and pleasant computer repairs and maintenance seven days a week. Simply call 1300 883 021 in order to speak to our Geeks now.

Mobile Geeks is Sydney’s leading computer repair company.

Ashbury Historical Note

Located in the inner west of Sydney Ashbury is located just 10 kilometers from the CBD. Predominantly residential areas it is located close to Canterbury Park Racecourse and has no commercial center just a small amount of shops along King Street. Its major landmark is Peace Park. Ashbury get’s its names from its two neighbouring suburbs Ashfield and Canterbury

The Ashbury area was home to the Cadigal and Wangal people, clans of the Darug tribe. After pressure from colonists, the British administration began subdividing the area. The first land grant of 100 acres was made to Reverend Richard Johnson who was the colonies first chaplain

In 1910 the South Ashfield Brickworks opened – in what is now the site of Peace Park. In 1919 the area was opened up with housing developments. A primary school opened in 1924 and in 1926 changed its name from South Ashfield to Ashbury Public School which lead to the area adopting its own identity.