Computer Repairs Abbotsford

In our modern society we have come to rely heavily on technology being there 24/7 as a part of our life. If something goes wrong with our computer our life suffers too. If your computer stops working, or runs slowly and your social life can’t function, it’s time to bring in a computer repairer. If you can’t send your e-mails, browse the Internet, or run your business it’s time to get Mobile Geeks computer repairers on the phone. Mobile Geeks attitude is that the *customer is always right* and it is with this attitude, professionalism and efficiency you can be assured of good, friendly and fast service. All our qualified computer repair technicians are assessed regularly not just on their credentials and expertise, but on their customer service skills as well. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Mobile Geeks are a proud Sydney based company that have been looking after the computer repair needs of this city for many years. Over time, we have delivered wide ranging computer repairs Abbotsford area everything from repairs and upgrades to Virus removal and data recovery. So, if your computer is running slow or someone just deleted those precious baby photos we are here to help. Are you struggling to work out how to use a computer? Need a helping hand to get you started we are committed to our Abbotsford business and individual customers and look forward to Making IT Easy for you.

Mobile Geeks provide onsite professional, guaranteed and friendly computer repairs and servicing seven days a week. Call 1300 883 021 to speak to our Geeks now.

Mobile Geeks is Sydney’s leading computer repair company.

Abbotsford Historical Note

Abbotsford is an Inner West Sydney suburb located about 10 kilometres west of the CBD in the local government area of the City of Canada Bay. The Abbotsford name comes from Abbotsford House, once owned by Sir Arthur Renwick. He named his property after Abbotsford House in the United Kingdom, the residence of historical novelist and poet, Sir Walter Scott. Renwick sold his property in 1903 to Albert Grace, and in 1918 it became known as the site for famous a Nestlé chocolate factory, with the house used initially for chocolate production and later as their administrative offices. Abbotsford House is now listed on the Register of the National Estate.