In the Refine computer repairs in Box Hill

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Box Hill historical note

Box Hill is a suburb of Melbourne located 14 km east far from the CBD. The suburb it’s under the local government of the city of Whitehorse. According to the 2016 census the suburb had a population of 11,395.

In the early story of Box Hill, Mr and Mrs Toogood were the first settlers to move in the area. They built the “Marionvale” mansions on their property in 1844. On another hand you can note that the Pionneers’s Memorial located in front of Town Hall is made from chimney stone and was built in Box Hill. It was only in 1861 that the first post office opened in the district. The postmaster used the name of his birthplace for the office which one was adopted for the suburb.

Back in 1870 the local economy was based on vineyards, mixed farms and orchards. Later the place became attractive for painters who wanted to paint Australian bush. They established the Box Hill’s artist’s camp, which became the Heidelberg School nowadays. Melbourne absorbed Box Hill during the decade of 1950s. The central historic business district of Box Hills and its municipality remained from the city expansion.

A strip of shop is installed along Station Street and Whitehorse road. You can also find many recreational services such a Neighbourhood Houses or few Scout Groups. But the suburb is also known for its cultural diversity due to a large choice of cafes and restaurants.

Primary, secondary college and adult levels schools are settled in Box Hill. In term of sports you can join a large variety of clubs: football, soccer, basketball, indoor sport or water sport…