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Altona North historical note

Altona is a suburb located 13 km south-west from the central business district of Melbourne. In 2016 Altona North recorded a population of 10,762 inhabitants. The suburb is under the City of Hobsons Bay governance.

Altona aera is the traditional country of the Woiworung clan, who are the traditional owners of the country west of Melbourne. At this moment, for the clan Altona was a source for fresh water and food. Furthermore, the suburb was also a good place to find the resources necessary for clothing due to the fauna.

Altona was settled in 1842 after Alfred Langhorne built his Homestad. A German man named Frederick Taegtow decided to name the town after the in reference to his natal town, in germany. This man built the Taegtow Prospecting company in 1881, in order to find some coal in the area.

The coal mining formed the heart of the Altona economy from 1908 to 1919. It helped to develop the area and many miners’ houses was built. Finally, the first post office opened its door in 1918. Another history fact you can note is that in 1991 the first cross country between two town in Australia taked off from Altona Bay towards Geelong, in Victoria.

If you love nature and hiking, the Kororoit Creek Trail still a good path to see flora and fauna. You can also walk along the Cherry Lake or the Altona Coastal Park. Each year you can assist to the Altona Beach Festival. It includes lot of activities including, for example, twilight parade or beach market.

Altona is also known for its many sport club including soccer basketball or cricket. The soccer team “Altona Magic” represent the suburb in the Victorian State League division. Furthermore, west of Altona Pier is one of the most popular place to practice kitesurfing.