Refine computer repairs

We certainly rely on our computers more than we have to. But, let’s be honest, our computer contains a big part of our lives. Whether it be for our work or our personal life, computers contains lot of file relating us. Any computers issues can easily become a huge problem. Now, Imagine if you cannot access to your account? Or if the tactile screen of your iPad doesn’t work anymore? Think about all these malware and virus which are more and more commons … What will do if your computer is infected?

Well, you are not here by mistake. Mobile Geeks have the solution for you! If your computer encounters any troubles you can join our computer services easily from Aberfeldie. We are professional and skilled in computer repair field. We can easily deal with computer issues, from security to maintenance ones. Our technicians are available to assist you in these difficult moments and make your computer repair easier. At Mobile Geeks we provide support and quality to all our customers what makes us the best option for you and your computer. Furthermore, we are good at listening and understanding our client’s needs. We communicate with you in a way that you will understand what happen and what we can offer you as computer services. With us you will find IT and computer repair easy and fast.

Mobile Geeks computer repairs will deliver on location skilled professional, secured and pleasant computer repairs and maintenance service 7 days a week.

Aberfeldie historical note

Aberfeldie is a located 9km North-West of Melbourne. This suburb is part of the local government of the City of Moonee Valley. Back in 2016 the population of Aberfeldie was around 3.897 inhabitants.

This suburb takes its name from Scotsman James Robertson who had name his property “Aberfeldie” in reference of the town “Aberfeldy” in Scotland. This property located in the corner of Aberfeldie Street and Park Crescent. In 1888 James Robertson decided to sell his house. As the result, Aberfeldie became the new name of the suburb. You can also find a polish catholic church in this suburb, on the corner of Alma street. This church was consecrated in 1973 by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, cardinal who became later pope John Paul II.

This suburb is perfect for families who likes park and entertainment facilities. You can find some houses which date from inter-war to post-war dwellings period.

The sportive community is very active in this suburb. The Aberfeldie Community Center propose a large variety of activities: football, cricket, tennis or gymnastic, swimming and basketballs. Also, you’ve certainly heard about the Aberfeldie Bowls Club. This club was established in 1910. Or maybe about the Aberfeldie football Club which is now part of the Essendon District Football League.

Concerning education facilities, you can find three school in this suburb. One government primary school and two catholic ones . You can also find one Catholic secondary school.

So, if you are living in this beautiful suburb, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you have any computer issues!