Online shopping rules: retailers are not happy but Australia Post is laughing

It began with the telegram, and progressed to the letter, but the introduction of the Internet threatened to wipe out the way we use Australia Post. But, then shoppers have started to desert the shops for online stores, so, for Australia Post whose job it is to deliver all these goods people are buying on line is now laughing.

According to Australia Post’s general manager of external affairs – Alex Twomey *we say that the internet is our letters business’s worst enemy and our parcels business’s best friend*

As the trend towards online shopping keeps growing with more and more sites offering free postage – Myer is the latest company to join the trend – Australia Post is experiencing a huge boom in the delivery of parcels, especially, when people have started to use usps change of address and provide right addresses for delivery.

While the volume of letters has fallen by about 4per cent each year since 2008 due to mobile phone and online communication, parcel deliveries alone has grown by 11per cent in the past year. Some post offices even have more parcels than they have room for.

It use to be just at Christmas when post offices were inundated by packages, but with some customers receiving a few parcels every week post offices are receiving Christmas like business all year around.

Over on E-bay sales such as fashion items sell every 12 seconds with electronic goods being sold every 6 seconds.  Australia Post sold 85,000 flat rate parcel satchels in just their first 24 hours on line after joining forces with the online auction site.

Mr Twomey said *that’s how fast this area is growing. It’s terrific for us because we’re able to sell so many packages, but it has required massive work to build the network that will be able to manage the volume of parcels.*

While staff are being trained with the best drop shipping courses, we can expect to see more people employed to handle the volume of parcels and more delivery vans on the road. However that leaves the age-old question… What do you do if you’re not home when the delivery man knocks???

To address this some companies are offering pick up areas in alliance with the around the clock vendors. Phil Lee who operates *Parcel Point* came up with the idea 3 months ago, which allows customers to have their parcels sent to a participating newsagent, internet café or convenience store.

*I was trying to receive a pair of shoes I bought overseas and it was quite inconvenient for me to be at home to receive it, and I also couldn’t get it delivered to my office.* Said Mr. Lee *I had a chat to some friends and thought there should be a way I can pick up my parcel from a place that is open longer hours*

A 24 hour *Pick up Hub* at St Leonard’s is being trialed by and run by Australia Post. In Brisbane the *Post office of the future* which will have 24 hour parcel lockers is being trialed also.

*It’s reinvigorating a bit of excitement about getting the mail at night, which I like. The thrill of the post arriving is coming back.* Mr. Twomey said

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