The world of computer repairs is full of quirks. Here is one for your Thursday. A Japanese refrigerator manufacturer is on a mission to make us happy about about our appliances. They have developed a smile-activated refrigerator. The fridge will not open unless you show its your pearly whites. The new system  is called the “The Happiness Counter,” encourages smiling in our every day lives. The contraption works  with built-in Sony CyberShot digital camera that has smile-recognition technology and a light sensor, it can detect when a smile has been flashed and unlocks the door. Although you would be forgiven to think that this would cure your late night feeling depressed kind of eating habits, it is still possible to open the refrigerator even if you do not smile — you just have to pull on that door a lot harder. And Nigella Lawson will not have anything to worry about as that woman seems to have a perpetual grin when food is about. (Yes, I have been watching a few of Nigella videos lately) “We feel that the happiness counter will naturally encourage the act of smiling in the multitude of daily frustrations, thus enhancing a positive mood and the communication of people,” a spokesperson for the company said in a promotional video. How commendable! I hope you enjoyed this update on the weird a geeky in computer repairs world.

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