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Today, we will talk about creating an icon that will start up the screensaver in Windows Vista? As this is and has been a commonly asked question for a long time, I figured I would put the answer here in our computer repairs blog.

How to create a Screensaver Icon

On the desktop right-click anywhere and choose New Shortcut from the menu.

new shortcutTo be able to launch the screensaver, you’ll need to enter the full path to the screensaver file, followed by “/s”

%systemroot%system32Bubbles.scr /s

what would you like to create a shortcut forYou will want to substitute the name of the screensaver where you see “Bubbles.scr” above. Also note that we used %systemroot% instead of C:windows because not every install uses the C: drive.

If you don’t know the filename, you can browse down to your system32 folder and then search for “.scr” using the search box:

search systemYou will now see a list of the names of all the screensavers installed on your system, which you can use in the location field.

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