How to Check If Your Passwords Have Been Leaked

Greeting lovely people 🙂 and welcome back to our computer repairs how to blog. Yahoo (the search engine that almost no one uses so, who cares) issued a statement on Thursday that its user-generated contributor network Yahoo! Voices had fallen victim to a massive data breach. This means that more than 400,000 usernames and passwords have been stolen from servers. Now, if this was just a Yahoo problem, we probably would not even be writing about this, however, Gmail, MSN and Hotmail accounts have also been hacked into.

If you are worried that your password might have been one of those that have gone astray, just change it. Seriously, that is the best and most sure fire way to avoid problems. And if you follow your computer repairs guru’s advice, you are changing it every three months anyway, right? However, if you are one of those people that are like my mother who take about a year to learn their new password (and that only with leaving it all over the house …security kind of fall by the by here) and the hassle of all that is just much too much, then … you have an opportunity to check to see if your email account via Yahoo! Voices— was a part of the leak.

The leaked email account information first surfaced online last week issued by a hacker group “D33ds”. Courtesy of Yahoo, the passwords were stored unencrypted so, the long list of usernames and passwords was posted in text online.

This break in happened just a few weeks after millions of passwords were leaked online from major sites such as LinkedIn, eHarmony and An no, it appears that you are unable to check if your Linked in password has been hacked so, you will need to change it if you have not already.

Naturally, Yahoo and all other majors have re-affirmed that they take security very seriously however, unfortunately, the hackers do not share that opinion. Over and out for this Monday from your computer repairs geeks.

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