How To Disable Aero Snap

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Improved window management function is one of the hot new features in Windows 7. You can easily drag a window to the sides or top of the screen and will be resized to take up half the screen or maximized.

One problem is that some people like to actually drag windows partially off the screen itself. It’s a very useful feature when you only want to see3 the edge of a window. However in Windows 7 it will resize the whole window to fit half your screen – so, how do we disable it without calling in computer repairs experts?

How To Disable Aero Snap 1

Please note that if you disable this feature it will also disable your ability to drag windows to the top of the screen, but you can turn the feature on or off as needed.

Disabling Mouse Window Drag Arranging

Open up your Control Panel, go to the Ease of Access center. From there, click on “Make the mouse easier to use”…

How To Disable Aero Snap 2

Next, remove the checkbox for “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen”, and then click the Apply button to save the setting.

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While we actually like the feature and probably won’t be turning it off, it is good to know that it is configurable. Pleae make a mental note that when you do need to change the settings but cannot remember how to do it, computer repairs How To-s by Mobile Geeks are the place to go 🙂

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