I thought I would devote this computer repairs blog to giving you a bit of an update on Instagram, seeing how much I love that app. (Find me under ‘mobilegeekette’). Anyway, Instagram has had a tough past few days with the whole Twitter drama, however, they are trying  to remain on top and are not doing too bad of a job thanks to a new update for its iOS app. This update comes with a revised camera interface,  a brand-new filter that you can tinker with. It also has Foursquare integration for those that love to check-in to places. We used to do that at Mobile Geeks computer repairs but, seeing that we are always travelling around Sydney and rarely go to the same place enough times to win anything, we had to stop that 🙁

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Instragram Old School

The new redesigned camera  integrates with the iOS camera roll, this makes it cleaner and faster to add photos that you already have in Instagram. The new version also has optional grid guides that you can enable when taking photos, in addition to the permanent grid on the scaling and cropping screen. Not entirely sure how this is a super useful feature for most ‘photographers’… And those that know what they are doing will find this primitive…anyway, in can be fun to play with for a bit.

As I have said, Instagram is now integrated into Foursquare. The Foursquare button that can open either the app or a mobile web version with details about the location. It is  welcome featured, especially since Instagram’s Photo Map made locations an important part of the experience.

And last but not least  there is the  improved tilt-shift functionality and also a new filter called “Willow” that is working  its way to Android as well. The update is coming out to the iTunes App Store, as well as the Google Play store for the Android version.

Cheers from happy Mobile Geeks computer repairs.

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